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We have modern worship songs and celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month.

Our services are great for all ages, especially with the Sunday Club for young people. On the second Sunday each month we have FAMILY WORSHIP,  with songs and talks that we can all enjoy together.  click here

So you might know what to expect on Sunday morning, here are some frequently asked questions.

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What we heard Sunday - click here for podcast

Arguments for the Existence of God:

     Teleological Argument

     If something was designed, there must have been a designer

     Cosmological Argument

     There must have been a first cause

     Anthropological Argument

     There is intellect and an awareness of right and wrong

     Ontological Argument

     Universal awareness of God, or worshipping God "

What we sang Sunday - click here or here for young people

including our ‘sit & listen’ songs

Refurbishment - click here